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Bettering Music in and from Davis, CA

The Davis Independent Music Initiative ("DIMI") is an emerging arts organization in Davis, California aimed at helping musicians to better and further their artistic careers.



DIMI was founded in 2019 with a grant from the City of Davis' Arts and Culture fund.  The purpose of the grant was to assist musicians from Davis, California to make better music for the community to enjoy, and provide financial and creative support in order to advance musical careers.



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Pilot program benefitting one Musician/band Annually in Davis, Ca

Communal Songwriting Workshop/critique



As part of the original grant - funding DIMI - Joel Daniel, the original grant recipient, volunteered to give three lectures on songwriting, production, and marketing/promotion - areas he hoped would help the music community and future DIMI grant recipients.  Covid 19 changed his ability to give these talks in person.  However, in 2021 he has begun to produce video versions.  They are hosted in the education section of this website, here



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